How to Add Your website To Google Search Console?

How to Add  Your website To Google Search Console?

                        Adding a Site to google search console is very easy process,for that no money is required it is absolutely free to submit a website to google search console.

How to Add  Your Site website To Google Search Console?
How to Add  Your Site website To Google Search Console?

let's Know that how to submit a newly created website to Google search console .This method works on both for Blogger or Wordpress platform .


  • A Google Account
  • A little bit knowledge about HTML

Follow the Procedure :

  • First, login to your Google Account, or Gmail.
  • Then, point your web browser to:Click Here
  • Type or paste in the URL to your homepage next to the box that says Website, then click the Add A Property button.
  • Click the HTML Tag radio button.
  • Click on the Meta tag to highlight it, and copy it to the Clipboard.
  • Go back to your WordPress Dashboard in a new Tab or Window.
  • Click JetPack, then Settings.
  • Click the Engagement link from across the top of the page.
  • Slide the slider next to Site Verification to Activate it.
  • Click the down-arrow.
  • In the Google box, paste in the Meta tag you copied from the Google Search Console.
  • Remove everything from the tag, except for what is within the quotes of the Content parameter.
  • Scroll down and click on the Save Settings button.
  • Go back to the Google Search Console.
  • Click the Verify button. You may need to wait several minutes if you see a “Verification failed” message.
  • Once you see the “Congratulations” message, click on the Continue link.

After completeing this procedure you have to wait for 5-15 Days to index  your site .The crawlers crawls your website and and process the data by fetching your Sitemap that you have submitted in the above procedure.

After waiting  some days search your domain on google because sometimes google crawlers crawls your website faster .

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